Arko (formerly known as The Republic of Arko) is a Country Located in Tempus. Arko is a secretive country and not too much is known about it, however there has been a history based on current events and what archaeologists found.

History Edit

Much of Arko's history is unclear, but based on what archaeologists had found and from what historians have theorised, Arko was settled by humans living in Novus, who immigrated there when there was a landbridge passing through the area, sometime around 25 BGE. In 167 AGD, Novus discovers the area and quickly begins a mad dash to colonise the island, as other colonial powers begin to discover the island. Due to these events, many wars break out between empires devastating the Arkonian population. Eventually Novus's economy crashes and they abandon Arko, causing the natives to attack the remaining empires as the area was left ungoverned causing anarchy to spread throughout Arko, ending the reign of the remaining colonial powers. After years of anarchy, survivors discover a failed colony called Blunard on the western coast of the island. The survivors rebuild this small village and establish a government, quickly they take in more and more groups of survivors until they have a strong enough ability to reconquer the island. Finally, in 231 AGD the entire island is unified and The Republic of Arko is born, Although Novus is quickly voted out of office in favor of a native Arkonian government. In 411 AGD The Tempus World War began, with Arko taking the side of the Axis and claiming a few territories, however after the war had ended Arko pays millions gold to the Allies, feeling terrible for their actions. Today Arko is an independent country and is similar to Novus, but much less peaceful, but is allies with them. Arko is currently at war with Centraltian, after strong tensions between them.

Locations Edit

  • Blunard
  • The New City