The Guardians of the First Globe are a faction that existed from the First to the Third Era, before being dismantled at the beginning of the Fourth Era. The Guardians were formed by Hermanus Machina.

History Edit

The Guardians were officially formed around 394 AGD in the Satus Ruins. The need to protect people who could not protect themselves drove the founders to seek out more people to help their cause. the Guardians became lax over time, only helping when told two, often fighting then talking, so the founders decided to Restart the Guardians anew.

Ranks Edit

  • Apprentice - Recruits who train to become Initiates, Apprentices are not aloud to engage in combat, but instead have to do errands.
  • Initiates - Members who have completed initial training and are trained for combat.
  • Knight - Knights are responsible for repairing and manufacturing weapons and globes. Knights are strictly a military rank.
  • Mage - These are members of the group that are incredibly skilled with Spells.
  • Head Mage - Same as the mage, but has the most authority around them.
  • Protector - Protectors are Passive members of The Guardians, but will only attack if provoked. Protectors usually write books for ranks to help with training.
  • Inquisitor - Inquisitors are detectives who usually investigate other factions, area or technology.
  • Lord - Lords are the second highest rank in The Guardians, they usually give out commands or lead members to fight. Lords are the only members, aside from the Elder, that can set up Turrets as they have the most experience.
  • High Elder - High Elders of the Faction, they have the most authority and can promote or demote members.