Jarius Warsette is a Young Alchemist that was born in the First Era. Jarius is very skilled with Alchemy and is quiet. He appears in the "Alchemy and Warriors" story-arc.

The Story so Far.Edit

An adventurous alchemist that likes to spend alot of his time discovering lands, tinkering with tools that he finds in the wilderness and practicing spells. He tries to keep to himself and may not spend too much time at social places but still enjoys to chat about discoveries of magic over a tankard of beer in Lin's Inn. He also spends his nights sleeping at villages while exploring, but likes to think of the Arctus Village as his home. One day, he discovered a strange globe and managed to get himself involved in the First Arctus Civil War. 


Slightly awkward, due to not being around many people. Enjoys talking with people and has a few friends that sometimes come on journeys with him. Slightly erratic in nature and doesn't always think twice before he speaks, which always sparks a chuckle with himself and the people around him. Slightly obsessive, if he finds a topic he is interested in then he won't stop until he's soaked up the last of the facts about it. 


  • This character is the main First Era character to be potrayed by Jeff.