The Society is a Faction that believes that Humans are a superior race from any others. The society does not allow any race that isn't human because they are "Inferior" too them. They were formed in the First Era and reside only on Arctus, as they are secret and considered criminals, they would be arrested on the spot.

History Edit

The Society were formed in 156 AGD by John Wolfe. Wolfe believed that species that weren't human didn't deserve rights and began to protest around this and got worse when they gained access to weapons and began to murder people who weren't human or didn't agree with them. The Society had to go into hiding in a hidden Chapel because they were on the Piormus Most Wanted List. Over the years and eras, they began to advance and expand themselves across Arctus and do things behind the Scenes.

Ranks Edit

  • Followers - Passive Members who attack if provoked. They learn spells or read sacred texts.
  • Loyal Followers - Passive members who attack if provoked. They tend to teach spells or create sacred texts.
  • Apprentice - These are members who are good enough to fight.
  • Proclaimed Leaders - Members who lead others on operations.
  • Co-Leader - The leader that leads alongside the Society Leader, they are also similar to generals.
  • Society Leader - The member with the highest authority. They command the entire group