the follower's of the blade was founded on the first era on the land of arctus where the keeper of the soulblade toshin the wingless fairy created the soulblade and founded he was also the first person to lead the seven keeper's of the blade,when the follower's of the blade's were founded there were 8 ranks these ranks are called:

*the new born's (a.k.a new member's)

*the oath keeper's

*the philosque

*the sworn protector's

*the keeper's trusted

*the heir of the keeper

*the keeper

the rank's they are also an secret orginization or faction so they go out of sight and assasinate the people who threatens the keeper's of the blade and i will mention the name's of the keeper's

the will also protect the keeper's weapon's

the name's of the keeper's are:

*toshin the wingless fairy

*warcry the warmonger

*loral the loyal

*keloterso the holy one

*telo-so the outsider

*rodriko the "god" killer

*fredrick the brave

these keeper's were not remembered for battle but they are also remembered as the heroes of arctus

the follower's of the blade were feirceful and deadly not just for there secrecy but for there globe's

as they are rumored to have about 10 white globes and 20 red globe's with the them they are also rumored to have bad past about themselves (sorry if my i broke my grammar) but they sometime's help people as they are the follower's of the blade the keeper's ordered the follower's to help some people and most of them guard the most important

there language:theoses

only the follower's of the blade can speak this language

examples of theoses:

*deuseo's vulteo's (for victory)

*torlen turkus (for the blade)